Saturday, September 16, 2017


(be) afraid of
(be) angry at / with someone
(be) angry about something
(be) ashamed of
(be) bad at
(be) bored with
(be) crazy about
(be) different from
(be) famous for
(be) fed up with
(be) good at
(be) interested in
(be) nice to
(be) proud of
(be) sorry about something
(be) sorry for doing something
(be) worried about

Friday, September 15, 2017

Adjectives /Nouns + prepositions

Adjectif + Préposition

   afraid of                   angry with                     bad at                        interested in            married to

   frightened of          crowded with                 good at                     successful in             polite to  

   short of                   pleased with                  brilliant at                                                      similar to

   tired of                    disappointed with  

Adjectives and adverbs

A-   Look at these examples:
• Our holiday was too short - the time went very quickly.
• The driver of the car was seriously injured in the accident.

Quickly and seriously are adverbs. Many adverbs are made from an adjective + -ly:


Not all words ending in -ly are adverbs. Some adjectives end in -ly too, for example:
Friendly / lively elderly / lonely / silly / lovely
B- Adjective or adverb

Adjectives (quick/careful etc.) tell us about a noun. We use adjectives before nouns and after some verbs, especially be:

• Tom is a careful driver, (not 'a carefully driver')
• We didn't go out because of the heavy rain.            
• Please be quiet.
• I was disappointed that my exam results were so bad.
We also use adjectives after the verbs lookfeelsound etc.
• Why do you always look so serious?
She speaks perfect English                 
                Adjective + noun

Compare these sentences with look:

• Tom looked sad when I saw him. (= he seemed sad, his expression was sad)

Adverbs (quickly/carefully etc.) tell us about a verb. An adverb tells us how somebody does something or how something happens:

• Tom drove carefully along the narrow road, (not 'drove careful')
• We didn't go out because it was raining heavily, (not 'raining heavy')
• Please speak quietly, (not 'speak quiet')
• I was disappointed that I did so badly on the exam, (not 'did so bad')
• Why do you never take me seriously?
She speaks English perfectly.
       Verb + object + adverb
Tom looked at me sadly. (= he looked at me in a sad way)

Sunday, September 10, 2017

English Lessons and Exercises

1. He has always been very friendly, kind and helpful to me.I like him very much.

2. Don't be so greedy . You really needn't so much money.

3. Judy never does any housework. She only lies in bed all day. I've never seen such a lazy  girl.

4. Ted was very  diligent when he was at school. He studied hard and never forgot to do his homework.

5. I like his sense of humour. I consider him a very clever and  witty young man.

6. You are too skinny . You should eat more.

7. I am sure this girl will never tell you anything about it. She is too  discreet.

8. Don't be friends with Daniel. He's a cruel  person and he likes to inflict pain for the pleasure it brings him.

9. July seemed very morose  over her parents' divorce.

10. Eric never shares his feelings with anybody. He has always been shy and  reserved.

11. A large-handed  man gave all he possessed to the poor.

12. If you hurt him, he'll take revenge on you. He never forgives and never forgets.He is such a   vindictive person.

13. My grandfather Wilhelm was a very  quiet man. He didn't like to say much. He preferred to listen.

14. Don't ask Joan! She's so  unreliable and can't be trusted to do it.

15. Gordon, in opposition to his gloomy brother, is a  convivial boy with charm and a great sense of humour. He enjoys dancing.

16. She is rather a  stingy girl. She doesn't like to spend money and shares her items with others.

Friday, September 8, 2017


very clever and funny person
someone who wants more money, things or power than they need
inclined to avoid effort, not willing to work
a person that inflicts pain to people or animals without pity
unhappy, ill-tempered or gloomy
a person unwilling to spend or give a lot of money, not generous
not able to be trusted or depended on
people who do not show their feelings, silent or reticent
a generous person that gives in large quantities
a revengeful and cruel person
used about people who do not usually talk much, restrained in a speech, manner...
a tactful person that is careful not to say a secret
friendly, sociable, festive and making you feel welcome
being very thin in a way that is not attractive
people who are kind, not antagonistic or hostile, they often make you feel comfortable

someone who works hard and is constant in effort to accomplish something

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Abbreviations and Acronyms

1. TGIF =  

2. FYI =  

3. i.e. =  

4. AI =  

5. KO =  

6. IOU =  

7. PS =  

8. ASAP =  

9. ATM =  

10. BC =  

Chat rooms & SMS acronyms

An acronym is a word formed from the first or first few letters of several words. eg: ASAP = As Soon As Possible. This scripted online conversation is full of acronyms. Our friend, Sylvain, finds it very hard to understand them and to engage in conversation. Can you help him decode the acronyms written in red?
Butterfly3: Hello everybody? How R U?
Kelly114: Hello Butterfly, glad to C U. I sent you a pm, did you recieir it?
Butterfly3SRY, what does 'recieir¡' mean? Is it English?
Kelly114: No, it's not LOL, just a typing mistake, I meant: 'receive'
Butterfly3: Ok, THX U
Kelly114: Have you heard from Kidd09 recently?.
Sylvain: Hi there! I am fine, and you? I'm a newbie here.
Butterfly3: Welcome then! ASL? Kelly. Nope, he went to the USA, that's the last I heard from him.
Sylvain: I am a 19 year-old boy, I live in London, but I'm French. What about you?
Kelly114: 21, F, Nottingham. To Butterfly: W@?! He's in the USA?! How lucky!
Butterfly3: Yes. Oh, my phone's ringing¡­BRB
Kelly114: No problem, I'm waiting. To Sylvain: How is it going in London? How do U like England?
Sylvain: Que¡­.what does BRB mean?
Butterfly3: I'm back. Sorry I have to leave you guys. My friend's coming. TTYL.
Kelly114: Ok, I've got to go too. XXs & Oos.
Butterfly3: Bye Kelly and CYA Sylvain